The power of a minimalist business

the power of a minimalist business

Many years ago, I was following Everett Bogue from Far Beyond the Stars. It sounds like his blog, if not still alive (I cannot say because the articles are not dated), is at least reachable and still a great source of information. 

I relate to the idea of minimalism

At the time, Everett was big into minimalism lifestyle and this is something that was resonating with me. I love the idea of having less to live more.

I was really enthusiastic about applying the minimalism principles in all aspects of my life and I started with what was a higher priority to me: my business.

I bought Everett’s ebook about building a minimalist business

This was a revelation! At the time, I was spending loads of money into a separate business phone line, foo foo printed letter head professionally designed and printed, matching business cards, subscriptions to different services… all things I thought I had to do to be a "real business". But all that did was draining money without any added value. So I purged the useless. I got organized differently. And over the years, I purged even more to arrive to where I am today.

Today, I can claim that Invincible Art Studio is a minimalist business.

Although I always felt happy with my choice, when I saw the stress some artist friends were going through when the corona-thing hit us with events cancellations, galleries closure, employees and hefty business bills to pay… I congratulated myself to have chosen this path.

How Invincible Art Studio is a minimalist business.

- I have no separate business phone line. I use my personal cell phone. Customers can call me or text me and I can get the call or answer the text even if I am in line at the DMV.

- I use the wifi I already have in my house. The one I use for personal email and TV. As a sole proprietor, I can do that. No extra cost.

- I do not have foo letter head anymore. I send emails. If I have to occasionally snail mail something, I print my letter head myself with a template I have on my computer.

- I still have regular business cards. Cute small ones that are professionally printed on heavy satin paper. Business cards carry the image of my business and it is important to have quality ones.

- I do not spend a fortune in online resources. I have downgraded to only one website, one domain (to be honest I have a few extra domains that I keep to prevent people to buy them, especially the one with my name). The site (this site) is a full feature e-store. I only have one place to manage which is a real time and money saver..

- I do not need to pay a web designer to work on my web site. I have a background in Information technology and anything geeky does not scare me. I just learn and do.

- I have trimmed service subscriptions that were to no value to me, as well as magazine subscriptions.

- I do not have any employee. Never had. Never will. I like to be by myself. I am rarely sick but if it happens, I have a backup plan.

- I do not attend art shows, crafts fairs or markets. I am aware this can cause me to not expand much my business and I assume it. I do not dismiss the idea without trying first. After attending several art shows and wholesale shows, I can say for sure that I do not like it.

- I learned to take my photos myself.

That’s all. With such low overhead costs, I can afford to offer better prices to my customers and I am able to withstand a recession. I am small and this is the way I like it. Nobody depends on me and I depend of no one. This makes me feel powerful and in control.

Do no harm but take no bull. Namaste. Patricia