Meaning of Invincible Art Studio logo

One of my friends is a spiritual teacher - if I have to put a name on what she is doing. She has this symbol tattooed on her ankle. I was intrigued, so I asked…

The name of this symbol is Aegishjalmur. It is also known as the “Helm of Awe”. This is a major protection rune of Viking origin.

This rune supports a frequency or energy that is like ice. It freezes the energies around it that mean the wearer harm. It not only protects physically, but also provides protection from mental powers.

To work, the Helm of Awe must be worn in the subtle energy that surrounds our body. Thus the tattoo. The Vikings believed that anyone carrying the Helm of Awe symbol would be invincible and this is why warriors had this symbol tattooed on their forehead. Some were wearing the Helm of Awe drawn inside their helmet.

Difficult to explain, I really resonate with this symbol. I am too chicken to have a tattoo but I can wear jewelry. I think that the symbolism goes perfectly with the name of my studio “Invincible Art Studio”.

There is another rune almost identical. Its name is Vegvisir. Vegvisir protects the travelers by providing safety, guidance and direction while the Helm of Awe is more of a warrior symbol meaning invincibility, protection, strength and power.

There is more to the story. It involves dragons, another favorite of mine. Maybe for another time…
Many thanks and gratefulness to Sherry Whitfield for introducing me to the powerful Helm of Awe symbol.