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Lab created vs natural gemstones

Many of my designs feature lab created gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, emerald... as their name indicates it, they have been created in a test-tube instead of being mined from the Earth. The process (which is complicated) uses small amount of the natural stone. The result is a stone that is identical to a natural stone except that it is perfect. A natural stone has some impurities that can be seen by a trained gemologist with a magnifier loupe. A lab created stone does not have any impurity or crack. For the naked eye, it looks just like a natural stone. I do like using lab created stones they are environmentally friendly, they do not cause damage to the Earth...

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What is argentium silver

  There is a new type of silver out there called Argentium silver and I am in love with it. Silver is available in several varieties: fine silver or pure silver (also called .999) is a precious metal that is the "real silver", while other types of silver are alloys with only a portion of fine silver. It is hypoallergenic and does not tarnish. Unfortunately, it is also very soft which makes it unsuitable for making jewelry or vessels. sterling silver (also called .925) has been the traditional answer to the softness of pure silver. Sterling is an alloy where copper has been mixed with pure silver. The addition of copper gives strength to the silver, which is good to make...

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  This morning, I received the newest issue of my favorite magazine, Lapidary Journal. And here it was... amongst the usual boatload of inspiring projects and articles... an article about precious coral. Not great, by the way, and somewhat inaccurate. This just gave me the kick in the pants I needed to review and publish this post that I had written already 3 months ago. In the photo above: Precious coral and 18K gold pendant. We can clearly see the places where the polyps lived in the coral skeleton. Artist's private collection. As a Scuba diver and jewelry designer, I know and respect coral. Although many believe that coral is a plant, it is in fact an animal. Marine organisms called polyps...

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Byzantine bracelet sterling and Kingman turquoise beads

This classic sterling chain mail bracelet featuring Kingman turquoise beads looks great by itself or stacked. Handmade sterling silver rings are weaved in a Byzantine or Etruscan chain mail pattern. Check this blog post to know more about the byzantine weave. 8mm Kingman turquoise beads. Sterling lobster clasp. The most secure of all clasps. The standard bracelet has a total length of 7 1/2 inches to fit medium wrists. It is 1/4” wide, not dainty, not bulky, yet substantial and just right to wear alone or stacked. 1" extension is convenient for a gift when you are not sure of the size. If you prefer the bracelet without the extension, let me know and I'll remove it for you. How to make sure the size...

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What are Herkimer diamonds

Herkimer diamonds are crystals (not real diamonds) mined in New York state. They are great crystals for meditation. They help to relieve stress and are a great choice to assist in Reiki attunements and energy work. Personally, they bring me joy.

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