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My 2020 summer plans

This year, no vacation nor down time for me. It is too hot outside (reminder: I am in Arizona) and it is still a pain to travel. I am also quite busy with restarting my business after a rather long hiatus due to illness (no, not the covid!). So, staycation at home it is.

My summer plans are:

1- reorganizing and cleaning up my studio.

My studio is in my house. In Phoenix, houses do not have basement because flood risks during the monsoon. I have a garage but it is very hot (or very cold) to work in there, plus I need space for my car and my junk. Therefore, settling down inside the house is my only option. When I started my jewelry business, I had no real plan for my studio space so each time I bought a new tool it found a place somewhere in the house and I had tools sprayed in different rooms.

To mark my business rebirth, my first action was to reorganize my studio and consolidate all my tools in the same room. At the time I am writing this, this task is completed. Let me tell you that it was a lot of work, but one I am very glad to have done.

An exception: my big lapidary machines are still in the garage but it is the best place for them considering that lapidary is a dirty business.

A lesser task was also to reorganize my office with a dedicated space to take photos.

2- building a new web site with full online ordering and a blog.

I decided to go back to Shopify and open a full featured store. I am currently working at rebuilding the foundation and will soon upload the products I have. Uff!

3- creating new work.

Now for the good stuff: new work! My current inventory of work is... let's be honest, pretty slim. I have received new impression dies and have more coming in the next few weeks. So I am going to get busy.

4- exploring new techniques.

Now for the real fun part: sand casting is something I wanted to try from a long time. I want to make mostly charms and jewelry components.

I ordered a casting equipment and it arrived yesterday. Now, the big question is... where am I going to put it in the studio? 

Do you have any special summer plans that you'd like to share?


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