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Lab created vs natural gemstones

Many of my designs feature lab created gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, emerald... as their name indicates it, they have been created in a test-tube instead of being mined from the Earth.

The process (which is complicated) uses small amount of the natural stone. The result is a stone that is identical to a natural stone except that it is perfect. A natural stone has some impurities that can be seen by a trained gemologist with a magnifier loupe. A lab created stone does not have any impurity or crack. For the naked eye, it looks just like a natural stone.

I do like using lab created stones

  • they are environmentally friendly,
  • they do not cause damage to the Earth from mining,
  • no human or animal is exploited or mistreated to extract them,
  • they cannot be used to finance a warlord or a terrorist group (as in blood diamonds),
  • they are available in a large selection of sizes, shapes and colors,
  • they are less expensive than natural stones.

However, since they do not come from the Earth, some people believe that they do not carry any of the psychic and healing properties that natural stones have. Well, this can be discussed. While I would agree that they do not have the energy natural stones have, let’s not forget that they still have a small part of the natural material and they absolutely do carry the frequency of the color.

And sometimes you'd like the real deal... or not...

As a maker, the way I see it... when the stone is just a part of a design it is perfectly acceptable to use lab created gemstones. The design is the focus of the piece.
But when the stones must be the star and main component of a design for its healing and metaphysical property, a natural stone might be a better choice. 

When shopping for an engagement ring. What are your values? a huge natural diamond that costs as much as a down payment on a new home, or a pretty ring and the down payment on the home? just think about it...

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