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What are Herkimer diamonds

Herkimer diamonds are my favorite crystals. They are beautiful and powerful, they amplify the power of other crystals or stones and personally they bring me joy.

What are Herkimer diamonds

Herkimer diamonds are not "real" diamonds but double-terminated quartz crystals famous for their extreme clarity. They are called diamonds because of their natural diamond-like geometrical shape. They are found in the area of Herkimer, New York where the Mohawk indians native to the area are known as “the people of the crystals”. 

Yes, they come out of the ground looking like on the photo!

Many collectors believe that the Herkimer diamonds rival true diamonds because they are found in the rock exactly as they look while a diamond must be cut by man to give its geometrical shape and smooth faces.

The majority of the Herkimer diamonds have eighteen faces: 6 central square or rectangular faces with 6 triangular faces at each termination points. With 7.5 on the hardness scale, they are not as hard as diamond but they are harder than man-made steel and are the hardest of all quartz crystals.

They come in different qualities related to their clarity: from the AA grade (the purest) to the C grade (some inclusions). On this image, the small A grade Herk diamonds are shown next to a larger one of a lower quality. The difference in clarity is very noticeable.


Faceted beads from top AA quality Herk diamonds. The clarity is obvious.

I understand there are several mines in the Herkimer area. The one I buy from is the “Herkimer diamonds mine”.
There is another mine called the “Ace of diamonds mine”. 

The metaphysical properties of Herkimer diamonds

With such a magnificent beauty, it is obvious that Herkimer Diamonds have wonderful metaphysical qualities as they are more brilliant and energetically stronger than clear crystal.

Herk diamonds are called “attunement stones" as they are used to attune you with your surroundings or new energies. They are a great choice to assist in Reiki attunements and other types of energy work.

They are also great crystals for meditation as they can help to bring the Universe energy down into the third eye and the crown chakra. They help to relieve stress and produce peace and calm.

My personal experience with Herkimer diamonds is that they bring joy.

About the Herkimer diamonds mine

The best way to put your hands on these little marvels is of course to buy them from a reputable source and for me, the only reputable source is to buy directly from the mine.

The mine, located in Herkimer New York is open to the public. For a small daily use fee you can try your luck, scratch the dirt and keep all your finds. There is a campground nearby and I am thinking about visiting someday… if only New York was not so far from Arizona…

Herkimer diamonds druzies

I had the opportunity to buy a few pieces of druzy quartz. The mine owner explained me that some crystals are found directly in the mud but most are found in pockets in rocks 400 to 500 millions years old. Each pocket is a matrix made of druzy quartz and inside the pocket are the fully formed Herkimer diamonds.

Besides the pieces of druzy, I bought some 1/2” non-drilled crystals A quality (the AA were not available this day) and a strand of small faceted lovely and pretty expensive beads, AA quality. Both are pictured in this post. The beads were pretty expensive but I could not live without them. 

Do no harm but take no bull. Namaste. Patricia

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