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Does wearing copper jewelry really help with arthritis?

One of the most famous beliefs about copper jewelry is that it is effective to relieve arthritis joint pain. Is it true? Many doctors say no (they prefer to prescribe medicine with a laundry list of side effects). Many wearers say yes.

I do not have any personal experience to share on this matter, as I do not have arthritis. But I have collected some information about holistic copper from the awesome Copper Museum in Clarkdale, AZ. If you are in the area and love copper, I could not recommend more that you stop by for a visit. 

It is a fact that our body needs copper and can get it from food like milk, nuts, seafood and yummy chocolate. If you wear copper jewelry and it leaves a green deposit, your body will absorb it and put it at good use.

Copper has been used for medicinal purposes in Ancient Egypt, Greece and by the Aztec civilization. Hippocrates himself mentions copper as a treatment for leg ulcers. Could it be that doctors today prefer to prescribe expensive pills with a laundry list of side effects rather than recommend a natural and affordable alternative? or is copper really an old folks remedy?

It is said that the green that may appear on your skin from wearing copper jewelry may help to absorb copper into the skin relieving the wearer of pain. Copper jewelry that is worn directly on the skin has been used for thousand of years as remedy for may ailments, including arthritis. Today, many people wear copper bracelet in order to help relieve the pain of arthritis and rheumatic disease. So, does it work or not? I can't say for sure... but what does it cost to try it? <check my copper jewelry here>

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