About the byzantine weave

Today I'd like to give more details about the famous and popular byzantine weave which also happens to be a favorite of mine and of my customers.

The byzantine weave is an historical weave

It makes fluid, comfortable to wear and elegant pieces of jewelry which makes it very popular.

The origin of the name byzantine is unknown. It is also called Etruscan (which is a synonym of byzantine) or idiot’s delight (because it is rather simple to make). However, who would want to say “oh, I am wearing my idiot’s delight bracelet today”. Not me and not you, I'd guess. Byzantine or Etruscan are much more flattering and “oh, I am wearing my new Etruscan bracelet” will make you feel like a goddess!

Chain mail jewelry is the ultimate hand crafted jewelry

Each ring must be cut by hand or by a machine. I do cut my rings myself with a saw. Then, they must be weaved by opening and closing each rings according to the pattern. One by one, with hand pliers. This cannot be casted or mass produced overseas. At least, no good design is. I cannot honestly guarantee that somewhere someone is not going to cut corners to make a quick buck… but that's not going to look as pretty as something hand made.


To be honest, making chain mail jewelry is not for everyone. It is time consuming. You must be patient and enjoy precise and repetitive work.  When I make chain mail, I am totally "in the zone" like they say and it is like a meditation. I do enjoy it very much.

The byzantine weave is very versatile

According to the size of the wire used to make the rings, the resulting designs can be thin and delicate, substantial but not bulky or beefy (aka manly). I love using 1mm wire which gives a substantial but not bulky beautiful chain for women’s jewelry.

Different materials can be used (copper, silver, gold), decorative elements can be added (beads, cabochons..), square wire and graduated wire size will also result in different looks.

Bottom line, byzantine is a very versatile style that you will enjoy wearing everyday. FYI, I have several byzantine designs available in my shop.

Do no harm but take no bull. Namaste. Patricia




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