Please bear with me while I am refilling up the shelves!

Pure copper cuffs with antique designs

Here is a photo of what I have been working on these last few days… pure copper cuffs bracelets with antique designs from the Cranston Fancy Wire Company.

About preserving the history of made in America

After almost 100 years, the Cranston Fancy Wire Company in Rhode Island has closed its doors.  The owner of a large machine shop in Tucson is committed to preserve history so he has bought their inventory of roller designs. Last week, I drove down to Tucson to visit with a friend and I have been able to snatch a few strips of copper roll printed with some of the Cranston designs, directly from the machine shop. My purchase went to help funding the acquisition of the tools. Don’t you love people who work hard to preserve handmade in America history?

When you buy one of these cuffs, you'll know that you are wearing a unique piece of American history in addition of a pretty badass piece of jewelry. 

Now, let's talk about the cuffs

Personally I like bracelets because, unlike earrings and necklaces, you can discreetly admire them anytime you want. No need to find a mirror to swoon over your new earrings. Making cuffs with those copper strips was a no brainer choice.

The designs are antiques that you won’t find at department stores. They are almost 100 years old and originally have been hand engraved by a Master Engraver. Although not my regular style, I am in love with these cuffs. To my big surprise, more than I imagined I would be… 

I think you will like them because the metal is a substantial heavy gauge (1.6mm or 0.64” thick). Thin metal looks cheap while substantial metal looks rich and upscale.

My initial plan was to form the cuffs traditionally flat. Instead, I decided to form them with on a slightly convex curve. Not only flat is boring but this type of shape gives an extra upscale look to the cuff. Also it is very comfortable to wear.

Added bonus, it was super fun to use my new hydraulic press to form them. I do not think my chicken arms would have had the physical strength to do it on a stake with a hammer. The hydraulic jack does all the work with just a whisper of a crink-crink-pfffft-pfffft  sound. Oh joy!

Something else I also decided to do that I think you will appreciate… I applied a double coat of baked-on sealant on the back of the cuffs. I know that you are concerned about wearing copper jewelry: skin turning green… getting sick with copper poisoning… this won’t happen because the part of the bracelet in contact with your skin is now sealed. This sealant is durable.

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The cuffs are available in 3 designs: arabesque, wild flower and poppies.

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