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Pure copper cuffs with antique designs

Here is a photo of what I have been working on these last few days… pure copper cuffs bracelets with antique designs from the Cranston Fancy Wire Company. About preserving the history of made in America After almost 100 years, the Cranston Fancy Wire Company in Rhode Island has closed its doors.  The owner of a large machine shop in Tucson is committed to preserve history so he has bought their inventory of roller designs. Last week, I drove down to Tucson to visit with a friend and I have been able to snatch a few strips of copper roll printed with some of the Cranston designs, directly from the machine shop. My purchase went to help funding the acquisition of the tools. Don’t...

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A new tool in the studio: hydraulic press

I remember, years ago when I was doing art shows, women wanted to know what inspired me to create a certain piece of jewelry while men were only interested into my tools. Since I want my blog to not only be for women buying jewelry but also for men, I am starting a new category about the tools I use in my studio. It is fair to start with my hydraulic press. I bought it about 2 years ago and it gave my work another dimension. No pun intended ;) What excites me about it is the world of new possibilities it offers me, not the tool itself which is basically a heavy (very heavy) pile of steel. The way I feel about my...

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How to keep your sterling silver jewelry sparkling

Silver will tarnish dues to exposure to air and humidity but also to some products such as ammoniac and chlorine. Do not wear your jewelry while cleaning, taking a shower or in the pool. An ounce of prevention will go a long way. Unfortunately, it is not possible to stop sterling silver from tarnishing, but with taking simple measures and using the same 3 tools I use everyday in my studio, you will be able to slow it down and even remove it when the time comes. 1- A plastic zip closed bag and a tab of Intercept anti tarnish paper Your jewelry likes to be worn and wearing your jewelry will help in preventing tarnish. When not worn, your jewelry...

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